What we're doing

The insights we’ve gathered have helped us understand that a campaign seeking to reduce vaping harm amongst young people must do three things:


Encourage young people to reflect on their values, culture, strengths, goals and aspirations – helping them build confidence in the choices they make.


Provide useful information about the impact vaping can have, without judgement, to support critical decision making.


Illustrate the role that whānau and community play in the decisions that young people make and how they feel about themselves.

The campaign

Rangatahi are media savvy and quick to dismiss content that doesn’t feel like it’s authentically ‘them’.
Developed with our Hā Collective of young people, the broader campaign avoids judgement and scare tactics; celebrates the things young people care about, their identities, and their language; and delivers easy-to-find, easy-to-share snackable information in the places they already spend their time.

A breath of fresh air

Protect Your Breath is framed around positivity and oranga.

The campaign has created a visual world full of metaphor and expressions of breath, inhalation and exhalation. The content plays with an authentic, Aotearoa comedic style, with plenty of cultural in-jokes. The campaign is alive in social media platforms and digital media environments where young people interact.


Deeper health messaging

As the campaign connects and engages with young people, we continue to evolve and deepen health messages in response to rangatahi needs. They’ve told us they want to feel supported in their decision making, they want to understand cultural narratives about breath, and they want alternative choices that support their wellbeing.